Why Erectile Dysfunction Medication Is Not Enough


Erectile Dysfunction medication is not enough to treat the long term effects and causes of your ED.

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In today’s news update I want to talk about “Why Erectile Dysfunction Medication Is Not Enough”

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A new study has found that men who suffer from ED are two times more likely to have a heart attack, cardiac arrest or stroke.

This is compared to a matched group not suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

High blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels are two top causes of ED.

They are also two of the top causes of heart attack, cardiac arrest or stroke.

Researchers have claimed that ED is a better indicator of heart disease than other risk factors such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

The research was done including almost 2,000 participants.

This latest research is the strongest indication of a link between ED and cardiovascular risk, so far.

The results of the research are a clear indication that seeking treatment and comprehensive cardiovascular evaluation is most important for men suffering from ED.

One of the best long term strategies to tackle Erectile Dysfunction and cardiovascular issues is lifestyle changes.

This is because, unlike ED meds, lifestyle changes help correct the underlying causes of ED. These changes include modifying diet, controlling weight and increasing exercise.

Unfortunately, modifying lifestyle is hard to maintain.

That is why I choose supplements to maintain my cardiovascular system and eliminate any ED issues.

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