The Answer For Erectile Dysfunction (Not What You Think)

The Answer For Erectile Dysfunction (Not What You Think)

The Answer For Erectile Dysfunction (Not What You Think)
•Jun 17, 2020
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What is the real cause of your erectile dysfunction?
Learn the 2 safest methods to combat ED.

ED repair page –…

Want to see all the amazing things that ProArgi-9 can help with by delivering nitric oxide therapy –…

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Hey Guys, Arnold Brod here for Healthy At 60 Plus.

In today’s news update I want to talk about “The Answer For Erectile Dysfunction”

If you have any questions about this video just call or text me at 609-410-4790.

Now let’s see what we have today.

This is the story of about 80% of the men that call me.

How close does this describe you.

After watching one or several of my videos, I am called about a problem with Erectile Dysfunction that has been going on anywhere from 1 year to 10 years.

As we talk the guys also talk about having diabetes and high blood pressure.

Both of these are usually controlled with medication.

And if they have had diabetes and high BP for a longer period of time they say that their med dosages have been slowly increasing over time.

The first thing I tell them is that over 50% of men with diabetes have ED issues. And the longer they have diabetes the greater the odds are of having Erectile Dysfunction.

If this is your story then I want you to know that healing the lining of your blood vessels is the answer you have been looking for.

ED at it’s base is a blood flow problem.

Yes, there can be emotional issues and disease processes but 90% of ED is a blood flow issue.

The blood flow problem exists because the lining of the blood vessels has been damaged.

When this lining is damaged your body loses the ability to produce adequate amount of nitric oxide.

When this happens your blood vessels cannot relax, poor blood flow happens and then no erections

There are a number of ways to fix this problem.

Diet and Supplements offer the quickest methods to show improvement in Erectile issues.

A Mediterranean diet appears to have protective effects against the development and worsening of sexual dysfunction in men and women compared with a low-fat diet, according to an 8-year study.

The researchers stated that, “The current study is the first long-term dietary trial demonstrating that the Mediterranean diet conferred benefits on both prevention (56% relative risk reduction) and deterioration of sexual dysfunction in men with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes.”

Now lets take a look at the second part which are supplements. I have done a number of videos on FDA recalled “miracle” supplements. And also on food choices in general to help with ED. And although there are many decent supplements on the market that help with ED such as vitamin D one of the best ways to effect this repair is with a concentrated amino acid supplement called ProArgi-9.

This is definitely my supplement of choice and one I use every day.

Click the link below this video called – Natural ED Repair – to see the full story.

If you have any questions about that video or this video just call or text me at 609-410-4790.

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Thanks for stopping by today and watching this video.

Have a great day and here’s to your good health.

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ED repair page –
Want to see all the amazing things that ProArgi-9 can help with by delivering nitric oxide therapy –
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