Exercise Over 50

Exercises for a Stronger Body : How to Exercise When You Are Over 60

Hi I’m Brian Francis from Billy Beck the third personal training & Performance Center today I’m going to show you how to exercise when you’re over 60 with me to demonstrate is Stephanie Prieto now many people that are 60 65 and over they have the misconception that they have to do things a little bit different than the younger generation and I’m here to tell you there’s no age where you can’t build muscle one and two there’s no age where you can’t lose body fat so the bulk of your movements should be the same as people of every other age compound movements squats pull-ups overhead presses lunges those are what the bulk of your exercise program should be based around but the difference is as people age they do tend to lose balance so it’s a proven fact balance decreases as we age so within our training program aside from those compound movements what we want to do is we want to incorporate some type of balance or stability training into those programs so what I’m going to do is show you two movements both are going to challenge balance and stability so what I have Stephanie on first is a stability ball now anytime I want a stability ball what that’s going to do is challenge balance stability and core because she’s sitting on an unstable surface so the first thing she’s going to do is start with the dumbbells to her sides bring your legs back a little bit so the knees are always at 90 degrees and any time we’re sitting on stability ball we always want to make sure the shoulders are lined up right over the hips so this is going to consist of two movements first Stephanie’s going to curl her the dumbbells up to her shoulders and that she’s going to push overhead with rotation come back down and expect that extend down so this is gonna be a bicep curl and an overhead press we’re challenging the biceps and the shoulders one more and set those down next movement we’re going to go into is a step up to balance again we’re trying to challenge balance so what Stephanie’s going to do is find a step a bench anything she’s going to step up pause come back down and switch legs step up hold for two seconds in that top position feel yourself in complete balance and then step down keep going now when she comes up to this balance position what we want to see is a 90 degree bend at the hip and the knee step up so 90 degrees here 90 degrees here step down and relax so again when you’re over 60 you can do every movement the younger people can do but definitely something you want to focus on is challenge instability I’m Brian Francis and this has been how to train when you’re over 60

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