Doctors Do Not Treat Erectile Dysfunction

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hey guys in today's news update we want to talk about erectile dysfunction and we want to talk about this idea here that doctors don't really treat erectile dysfunction I know that may sound like a crazy idea to you but hear me out I believe it's true doctors don't really treat erectile dysfunction this is our mo brought it healthy at sixty plus if you have any questions about this video or any of the videos on my channel just give me a call or text me at 6:09 for ten forty seven ninety or you can leave a question in the comments section below this video now let's see what we have today now let me start by saying that anyone can have erectile dysfunction issues at any age I used to talk to guys only over sixty years old now I regularly talk to guys in their 40s and I've even talked the guys in their 20s and just a ZD can issues can happen at any age these issues can be reversed at any age now here's where we get to the focal point of this this news update doctors do not have the time to explain how reversing II D works so all they do is they attempt to give you symptom relief viagra cialis levitra shots suppositories implants surgery that's what they know the new thing this Gaines wave or the P shot that's what doctors know on how to work with erectile dysfunction they don't understand that there's an underlying cause of erectile dysfunction so all they're doing is working on symptoms they trying to work with symptom relief unfortunately that doesn't work for everybody in general most of the things that they work with have side effects and even when they do work for you over time most of those things stop working because the underlying problem gets worse and they can't handle those increased problems so you may start out with 10 milligrams of Viagra and then go to 25 and then go to 50 and then go to 100 and then they just don't work anymore even if the is side effects don't bother you so doctors don't have the time to talk to you they don't really understand underlying problems they just work on symptom relief erectile dysfunction is primarily a blood flow issue erections happen when blood flows into the penis and anything that causes a decrease in blood flow efficiency hurts erections blood flow efficiency is hurt when there's damage to the lining of the blood vessels lining of the blood vessels are called the endothelium and one of their major functions is to produce something called nitric oxide nitric oxide in your body acts as what's called a Taser dilator it helps your arteries and veins expand easily and it's this function that helps with high blood pressure helps with cholesterol issues helps with blood sugar issues helps with edie issues this damaged the lining of the blood vessels the same damage that leads to high blood pressure high cholesterol plaque formation heart attacks and strokes so what we're doing is we're working at reversing underlying causes this damage to the lining of the blood vessels as I've been saying is reversible not just treating the symptoms but getting to the underlying cause and that's why erectile dysfunction is reversible and that's why the damn the dangers of high blood pressure high cholesterol and high blood sugar levels are also reversible and there are two major ways to do this they and it would be best to do both if you can do that and the two ways are lifestyle changes and supplementation lifestyle changes such as improved diet more exercise quitting smoking and losing weight are hard to do and even harder to maintain but that's really the kind of the crux stuff of helping your body to heal is making these lifestyle changes they're definitely hard I mean you're looking to use resolutions and they just don't stick around but they are definitely doable and I have a number of videos on improving your diet working with exercise losing weight the other part of this is supplementation and I rely heavily on supplementation along with lifestyle changes now one of the best supplementation programs that I know of and that I do personally is something called nitric oxide therapy nitric oxide therapy helps to repair the lining of the blood vessels the endothelium so that your body can naturally produce nitric oxide this is a healing process a repair process it takes some time the product I personally uses something called pro large anoint plus butt nitric oxide therapy is the key nitric oxide therapy works in reversing high blood pressure cardiovascular issues like cholesterol complications of diabetes and blood sugar issues and what we've been talking about erectile dysfunction I have a really good video on nitric oxide therapy and I'm going to leave a link to that in the comment section and in the description that are below this video so you can get to that nitric oxide therapy video really important to watch that to understand what's happening with your body and how to reverse the effects of the damage that have been caused by years of neglect now if you have any questions about nitric oxide therapy about this video or any of the videos on my channel just give me a call or text me at 609 410 4790 you could also leave a question in the comment section below this video to see more videos to get informed of when i'm making more videos you can subscribe to my channel you can like this video and you'll get in the notifications system set up by youtube i want to thank you for stopping by today and watching this video have a great day and here's to your good health

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Author: Daily Health Hackers Staff