7 Things To Do To Lower Blood Pressure (Types of Food is Very Important)


High blood pressure is killing millions of people. Meds are not the real answer.


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7 Things To Do To Lower Blood Pressure (Types of Food is Very Important)

Top 7 Things To Do To Lower Blood Pressure

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Now lets see what we have today.

It is possible to maximize the blood pressure lowering ability of fruits and vegetables by doing these 7 things.

1. Avoid Sauces

Fruit and vegetable dishes with sauces contain a lot of fat, salt and sugar. Steer clear if you want to reduce blood pressure.

2. Dried, frozen and tinned product warning

These can be “just as good as fresh” fruit and vegetables, but “watch out for added salt, sugar or fats.

3. Variety

Keeping your fruit and vegetable consumption mixed up can also help cut blood pressure.
Each has a different health benefit and it will keep your meals interesting.

4. No added sugar or salt!

Don’t add sugar to fruit or salt to vegetables when you cook or serve them

5. Fruit smoothies

Make fruit smoothies with lots of fresh fruit Use low-fat milk or yogurt to help lower blood pressure.

6. Replace sweet snacks

Instead of reaching for that cookie or chocolate bar, replace the sugary snacks fruit sweetened protein bars.

7. And my favorite

Use nitric oxide therapy as delivered by ProArgi-9. This is what I use and my last physical had my blood pressure at 116/68.

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